Hello, and welcome to my blog!

This should be an interesting experience.

Let me just say right from the start that I am not an expert on the game of baseball. I’m not a lifelong fan of the game…in fact, there was a time in my younger days when I thought that baseball was merely a way to pass the time in the summer until NFL training camps opened. But in the 14 or so years since I’ve been watching the sport, I’ve learned a lot about it, and I’ve definitely learned to appreciate it and love it. Back when I first became a baseball fan, I never could have predicted that someday it would be right up there with football on my list of favorite sports.

I love to chat about my teams…some might say that I just ramble about them. Since I’m a fan of both the Nationals and the Yankees, it’s kind of tough to find places where I can talk about both teams. That’s why I decided to start this blog. Whether I will actually have anything interesting to say remains to be seen. At any rate, I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Feel free to post a comment any time!


  1. diamonddiva

    Hey there, thanks for the welcome! And thanks for posting the very first comment in my blog. 🙂 (It takes so little to make me happy……)

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