Screech grows up

The Nationals’ mascot, a bald eagle named Screech, was “hatched” in April of 2005. Apparently, Screech is no longer a baby bird:


He is now a “teenager”, and he had a coming out party, of sorts, at the ESPN Zone in DC yesterday. The new, more mature Screech:

I am rarely speechless…but this left me speechless when I first saw it. Baby Screech was bad enough, but this new Screech is just dreadful beyond words! This is a guy in a Nats shirt, with big, fuzzy bedroom slippers, and a cartoonish head. And the dude can’t even dance!

Mascots are supposed to be for kids. I bet kids won’t even like this horrendous excuse for a mascot.


Honestly, if a team can’t provide a really awesome mascot, such as the Phillie Phanatic (IMO, the best mascot in MLB), then they shouldn’t have one at all.

The only good use for this Screech is to be someone’s lunch, fried up extra crispy and served with a side of mashed potatoes and cole slaw.



  1. diamonddiva

    I’m almost afraid to think about how Screech will evolve in the future! *shudder*

    The Phanatic is awesome…funny and crazy, with a bit of attitude! I love him!

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