Have you ever met any ballplayers?

I’m curious to know how many ballplayers you guys have actually met…and by “met” I mean that you actually talked to them, got an autograph, or perhaps just shook their hand. Shouting out a player’s name as you watch him walk to his car after a game doesn’t count! LOL

So, which ballplayers have you guys met? Here’s my partial list (the names I can remember off the top of my head) — I’m listing players with the teams they played for when I met them:

Mike Mussina
Roberto Alomar
Brady Anderson
Scott Erickson
B.J. Surhoff
Rafael Palmeiro
Jeffrey Hammonds
Mike Bordick
Armando Benitez
Tony Tarasco

Manny Ramirez
Sandy Alomar Jr.
Kenny Lofton
Travis Fryman
Carlos Baerga

Javy Lopez
Andruw Jones
I also met manager Bobby Cox

Al Leiter
Tony Clark
Jay Payton
Roger Cedeño

Brad Wilkerson
Brian Schneider
Livan Hernandez
Vinny Castilla
Joel Hanrahan
Odalis Perez
Ronnie Belliard
Anderson Hernandez
Wil Neives
Jesus Flores
Emilio Bonifacio
Alberto Gonzalez
I also met former manager Frank Robinson

EDIT: The first ballplayer I ever met was Frank Howard. He was the manager of the Padres when I met him. Unfortunately, I didn’t really know who he was…I just knew that he had played for the Washington Senators at one time.



  1. diamonddiva

    Stalking pays off! (JUST KIDDING!)
    I have met players at players parking lots, in hotel lobbies, at FanFest events, and in the case of several Nationals players, at the ballpark gates where they were greeting fans. Oh, and I met a few players when Roberto Alomar (whom I got to know when he played for the Orioles) introduced me to them — namely his brother, Manny Ramirez, and Jay Payton.
    I get around! LOL

  2. zkonedog

    I don’t live in the metro area where my favorite team (the Twins) play, so I don’t meet many players, but once I did run into Joe Mays (then a starting pitcher for the Twins) at the Mall of America playing Ski-Ball with his young daughter. No one else seemed to even recognize it was him, so I just went up to him, said “Hi!”, and wished him a good season.

    Oh, I also walked right past Barry Bonds while I was down in Florida’s DisneyWorld in 2003. A “bodyguard” (though Bonds was twice the size of the guy) was hustling him through a crowd.


  3. diamonddiva

    It was nice of you to wish Joe luck. He probably appreciated the fact that you didn’t interrupt his time with his daughter too much. And…Barry Bonds? Ugh…that’s definitely someone I don’t want to meet.

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