So much for a winning record

I knew I should have kept my mouth shut about the Nationals having a winning record (so far) in spring training. Thanks to the bullpen implosion, the Nats lost to the Braves today, 6-2. Ryan Zimmerman hit a 2-run double, and Daniel Cabrera (!?) hit a single, but those are apparently the only highlights.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.



  1. metsgl

    Spring training records mean nothing. Half the game have minor leaguers. For example, look at my Mets. 5-7-1 in the spring. Don’t you think they will do better in the season. Also this year records mean even little because of the World Baseball Classic. For the Mets half the team was gone. 16 players.

  2. diamonddiva

    Oh, I know spring training records don’t mean much, especially this season with so many players participating in the WBC. I’m just not used to seeing the Nats have a winning record, so I wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible! I do think the Mets spring training record so far is deceptive. This is one reason why I’m not crazy about the WBC…IMO, players should be preparing for the season with their own teams, to build some cohesiveness and chemistry for the upcoming season.

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