Nats vs. Marlins on MASN

I’m watching the Nats play lose to the Marlins on MASN this evening. The fact that the Nats are losing isn’t breaking my heart (it is, after all, only spring training), but I was not happy to see Ronnie Belliard leave the game in the 4th inning after turning his ankle. I hope it’s nothing serious and that a bit of ice on it tonight plus a few days rest will take care of it.

John Lannan donned a headset for an interview from the dugout. At one point during the interview, he started laughing and looking to his left…he said Collin Balester was throwing sunflower seeds at him! LOL (Ahh, children!) MASN commentator Bob Carpenter asked Lannan for his opinion about the Joe Beimel signing…looking confused, Lannan said he had no idea what Carpenter was talking about. So Bob let him know that Joe Beimel had been acquired earlier in the day. Lannan was pleased. (Speaking of Lannan, congrats to John on being named the Opening Day starter! Great accomplishment for a kid in his second full MLB season.)

Every time I hear MASN mention “Nats Town,” I want to hurl. So lame…so very lame……..

Crap…now Lastings Milledge is being helped off the field after going knee to knee with the Marlins first baseman. I hope that’s nothing serious. At least the Nats scored to make it a 7-2 game in the 9th inning.

RBI single by Willie Harris makes it 7-3, Marlins!

RBI single by Pete Orr makes it 7-4, Marlins!

Bases loaded after a hit batter. Ryan Langerhans with an RBI single. 7-5 Marlins with 1 out!

Oh well, the game ends on a 3-2 double play. Fun game in the 9th inning despite the loss. Keeping my fingers crossed that Belliard and Milledge will be OK.



  1. pagevalnat

    Yeah, that DID kind of bite when Ronnie went down. And thank you for correcting me that it’s Beimel (instead of Beimol, which I put down in my blog just now).
    And I’m WITH you on “Nats Town”, Shelley. Go back and re-read my blog on the topic, and you’ll see why I cringe at these ads now. WHO the hell thunk this up, anyway??
    I do have a question, though. When the Nats and Yanks hook up in June, just who the hell ARE you gonna root for?? LMMFAO
    Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

  2. diamonddiva

    I knew how to spell Beimel only because I had just looked up his stats online. 🙂 Nats Town is just awful…just awful! And as for the Nats vs. Yankees series in June…hell if I know who I’ll root for! Look at THIS post on the Confessions of a She-Fan blog — the first image in that post is probably what I’ll look like during that series.

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