More FUGLY baseball caps

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I don’t like alternatively colored caps. The pictures of caps I posted there were bad enough…but I found some more.

fuglypurpleLA.jpgSince when are the Dodgers colors purple and orange?! My favorite color is purple, but this cap is just dreadful.

fuglycamoBOS.jpgUGH…this is hideous! I can only imagine what the Yankee Stadium bleacher creatures would do to someone wearing this cap. Hell, Red Sox fans at Fenway Park might even laugh this cap’s wearer out of the ballpark.

fuglycolorsNY.jpgWho wears crap like this?!? Maybe someone who has lost a bet??

Perhaps I should get this one, since it has diamonds on it.

(I think not.)

fuglyplaidNY1.jpgfuglyplaidNY2.jpgfuglyplaidNY3.jpgOy…I think this one is even worse than the Nationals Fudd cap I mentioned in my previous cap post. It’s horrendous!

I realize that these are probably meant to be a fashion statement more than a declaration of team loyalty. But honestly, the only statement these make is that the wearer has excruciatingly poor taste.



  1. metsgl

    Why would anyone want those hats. I completely agree with you. Why not buy the authentic hat. Nice blog with very creative posts. What do you think of mine. How can I get it to be a high visited blog like yours? What did you do?

  2. diamonddiva

    I can’t imagine why anyone would want one of those hats, metsgl. The only reasons I can think of for anyone wearing one are (a) they are drunk, or (b) they lost a bet. I can see Yankees and Red Sox fans buy fugly hats for their respective teams and betting each other that if their team lost, the loser would have to wear the other team’s fugly hat to work or school for a couple of days! I think you have a very good blog. Just keep posting in it, and comment on lots of other blogs. I think that’s probably a good way to get people to visit your blog.
    Sue, “technicolor vomit” is an excellent description of that Yankees cap.
    Jane, I googled “baseball caps” and found these images online. I bet I could find them by googling “fugly caps” too.

  3. diamonddiva

    So Julia, you wouldn’t want to wear that camo cap when the Red Sox do battle with the Yankees at Fenway Park next month? 😉

  4. diamonddiva

    metsgl, I’m hardly an expert on blogging, but my only suggestion to you would be to make your blog more personal, rather than limit yourself to scores and recaps of games. I’ve noticed that my blog posts which just include game recaps don’t get comments. People can get that info anywhere. Add a bit of your personality to your blog, and don’t forget to visit and comment in lots of other blogs. Good luck!

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