Grow up, Hanley!

The Big League Stew blog at Yahoo Sports reported that “Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez recently forced all of his long-haired players, including Ramirez, into an impromptu date with the clubhouse hairdresser. He also banned any jewelry worn onfield by Ramirez or any of his teammates.” Apparently, Gonzalez wants his team to look more “professional.” Haircuts and the removal of jewaelry may or may not actually be necessary to ensure success on the field for the Marlins, but as the manager, Gonzalez certainly has the right to institute such a rule.

Unfortunately, the new rule did not sit well with shortstop Hanley Ramirez, who had a hissy fit over it. When the media entered the Marlins clubhouse on Thursday, Ramirez showed his displeasure with the new rule by wearing the phrase “Im sick of this ****” across his chest, written with a Sharpie. He informed the media that he’s angry about it and wants to be traded. “We’re big leaguers!” he told the media.

Ramirez didn’t exactly perform poorly last year with his not-really-all-that-long hair and his jewelry, so the sudden desire by Gonzalez to have his players look more clean-cut seems somewhat odd. (Maybe he figured that it worked for the Yankees for a long time, so he thought he’d give it a try in Florida?) But, as I said, it’s the manager’s prerogative to make rules such as this one. As Ramirez told the media, he and his teammates are big leaguers…perhaps he should act like one instead of acting like a big baby.

One of the commentors on this blog entry stated the following:

I hate all of this “cleaning up” the sports image stuff. Like basketball players having to dress a certain way before games. Times have changed old timers. Let people wear what they want. But then again pay me afew million and i’ll dress in whatever you ask me too.

I’ve got news for you, young’un…times may have changed, but class and professionalism never go out of style. Following the rules of the organization which employs these athletes proves that the athletes understand that concept and display both class and professionalism. And yes, as you stated, when you are being paid as much money as these guys are being paid, it’s a very good idea to follow your team’s rules and refrain from acting like a whiney, spoiled brat.

Another commentor said:

They’re professionals, not soldiers. Baseball is a very mental and emotional game. While letting a team be too unruly can damage focus, imposing too many rules will create unnecessary stress, which can have basically the same effect.

So…these guys are so fragile that a haircut will stress them out enough to throw off their game? Please. If that’s the case, then they don’t need to wear a cup under their uniform…they need a diaper!

There’s no question that Hanley Ramirez is an entremely talented athlete. And I understand why he felt this new rule was unfair and/or unnecessary. But having a one-on-one conversation with his manager about it would have been a far more mature way of dealing with it, instead of having a temper tantrum in front of the media.



  1. rrrt

    Well, I must be missing something, because every picture I’ve seen of Hanley has very little hair showing anyway. It’s not like he’s the “other” Ramirez with those ridiculous dreadlocks. As for jewelry, I never understood why someone would want to play with jewelry on anyway, it might get broken or cause injury.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. Abby

    I agree. He’s on my fantasy league team. As his other manager, lol, I’m very disappointed.

  3. diamonddiva

    I really don’t see a problem with Hanley’s hair. Heck, Lastings Milledge of the Nationals has much longer hair than Hanley. The rule against long hair does seem a bit silly — it may have worked in the past for the Yankees, but the Red Sox were pretty successful with a bunch of long-haired, bearded players! What bugged me about this was the temper tantrum. I get that he doesn’t like the rule…just find a more professional and mature way of voicing that displeasure. High strung or not, he claims to be a professional, so he should act like one.
    (Oh, and A Yankee Rose, good luck with your fantasy league team!)

  4. peaceluvnbaseball

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with Hanley’s hair. He’s no Manny Ramirez, with the dread locks…I understand this is a business and the teams want their players to look appropriate…BUT in my opinion, if Hanley keeps playing like he does, he should be able to wear his hair however he wants to 🙂 Although I do agree that he acted quite immature over it. The Marlins just need to make it known to all players about their policies so there isn’t any confusion. And Hanley eventually got over it.

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