Nationals Fan Appreciation Day

The Washington Nationals really love their season ticket holders! Well, actually, they love their full season ticket holders. Those of us who have half or partial season ticket plans apparently don’t matter as much. Tomorrow afternoon, prior to the start of the Nationals/Orioles exhibition game, the team will will host the first-ever Full Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day. According to the press release at

The Full Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day is a two-and-a-half hour
event designed to thank the team’s full season ticket holders for their

Nationals players, coaches and Manager Manny Acta will be available to
sign autographs on the Main Concourse and pose for photographs on the
field’s warning track during the event.

I understand that the Nationals want to recognize the money dedication of their full season ticket holders, but excluding the half and partial season ticket holders from this event is unfortunate for two reasons. First, doing so penalizes those of us who would like to be able to purchase full season ticket plans but are financially unable to do so. Second, considering the fact that the team lost 102 games last year, the Nationals should be grateful that any fans were willing to invest in season ticket plans — full, half, or partial.

Not only does it appear that the Nationals don’t give a snot about the dedication to the team by half and partial season ticket holders, but they also think we are stupid. Or, at least, they think I’m stupid. After finding out that Saturday’s fan appreciation event is for full season ticket holders only, I emailed the Nationals to find out if this event replaces last year’s “Picnic in the Park” event that was open
to ALL season ticket holders, or if the Nationals still plan to throw us half
and partial season ticket holders a few crumbs of appreciation at some
point later in the season. The ticket rep who responded to my email pointed out that event taking place this Sunday is an exclusive event
for season ticket holders who bought tickets for all of the Nats home
games in 2009. Well, yes, I know…that’s why I mentioned in my email that the event in question is for full season ticket holders. The ticket rep when on to say (bold emphasis is mine):

We recognize the commitment that all our season ticket holders make but our full season accounts purchase 40 and 60 more games than our half and partial account respectively and we wanted to recognize them appropriately.

sarcsign.gif Gosh…full season ticket holders buy tickets for that many more games than half and partial season ticket holders? Really? Wow, I just had no idea. That rep must really think I’m an idiot, since s/he felt like s/he had
to point out that fact to me. Talking down to like that was not necessary. Simply stating that the Nationals want to recognize their
full season ticket holders with that event would have been a sufficient
way to respond to my expression of disappointment.

The rep’s email ended with “We look forward to seeing you at Nats Town
this summer!” (Nats Town is part of the ridiculous advertising slogan
for the Nationals this season.) My final response to that was “And yes, despite my lack of a full season of commitment, you will see me at Nats Town this summer…for at least 21 games.”

As far as this event is concerned, I think it’s a bit odd that the Nationals are hosting a fanfest-type of event as a way to honor their full season ticket holders. After all, Nationals FanFest took place just over two months ago and was open to all fans. And the annual Picnic in the Park, which is open to all season ticket holders, is also a fanfest type of event. So this special event taking place on Saturday afternoon, for full season ticket holders, isn’t really so special after all.


  1. Jane Heller

    I can hear you venting in that post, Shelley, and I don’t blame you. They should reward all season ticket holders and value the support of everybody who shows up regularly, given the team’s performance. And customer service, in general, is unfortunate these days. I’m not surprised you got a snippy rep on the phone, sadly.


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  3. diamonddiva

    Exactly, Jane. I realize that full season ticket holders buy tickets for all home games (though that doesn’t mean they actually ATTEND all of those games), but all season tickets holders, regardless of which plan we purchase (full, half, or partial) make a commitment to the team. Singling out the full season ticket holders is poor marketing, IMO.

    Mike, I’m flattered. I’ll have to give it a bit of thought. And I do have some questions, so I will email you about them.

  4. phillies_phollowers

    The Phillies do the same thing so I know what ya mean. Only the full season tix holders get the special event…totally sucks! Especially for the Nats; been to a few games there and usually see more Phils fans than Nat fans so they should be grateful for EVERY one of you! Plus their prices are outrageous! Oh well, what can we do :O(


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