Finally! Yankees get their first win of the season!

The Yankees avoided being swept by the Orioles with a resounding 11-2 win in Baltimore. A.J. Burnett — the “other guy” that the Yankees acquired during the offseason — reminded the team why he was signed in the first place with the best performance (so far) from a Yankees starter. Burnett pitched into the 6th inning, giving up just 2 earned runs on 7 hits, with 1 walk, 1 home run, and 6 strikeouts. Not only is Burnett’s ERA in single digits, but it’s actually under 4 (3.38). He threw 98 pitches, 59 of which were for strikes. And, astonishingly, Burnett is the first Yankee starter this season to get a strikeout. He got that first strikeout on the second batter of the game.

Mark Teixeira finally gave Orioles fans a good reason to boo him, getting 2 hits in 5 at bats, one of which was his first official home run in pinstripes. Yankee fans can exhale now…Teixeira is waking up!

The seemingly forgotten new guy — Nick Swisher — had a hell of a game in his first start this season. Swisher had 3 hits in 5 at bats, scoring 2 runs and collecting 5 RBI. Like Teixeira, Swisher also hit his first home run as a Yankee. Needless to say, Swisher made the most of his first start.

Robinson Cano has gotten off to a very good start in his first three games. Today, he was 3-4, scored 4 runs, batted in 2 runs, and even walked once.

All in all, it was a face-saving rout…enough to save some Yankee fans from jumping off bridges or roofs, or out of windows in tall buildings.

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