Only one home run at Yankee Stadium tonight

Only one home run was hit at Yankee Stadium in tonight’s game vs. Oakland. Fortunately, it was hit by a Yankee (thank you, Johnny Damon). Andy Pettitte gave the Yankees 7 strong innings, allowing 2 runs and 9 hits, and the Yankees beat the A’s despite a 4-4 night from A’s catcher Kurt Suzuki. Oh, and in his return to New York, ex-Yankee Jason Giambi was 1-4.

The Yankees are now just a game and a half behind first place Toronto. They start a 3 game series with the Red Sox in Boston on Friday.

Good news about Xavier Nady — per the Associated Press:

NEW YORK (AP)–Xavier Nady will try to rehab his elbow injury without surgery, giving the New York Yankees right fielder a chance to return this season.

Nady has a partial ligament tear in his right elbow and originally was told that he’d likely need a season-ending operation. But after additional tests and exams, doctors recommended a program of rest and strengthening exercises rather than Tommy John surgery, a procedure Nady had in 2001.

“Obviously, I wanted to avoid surgery if possible. You’ve got to do what’s right. I hope going this route ends up working out,” he said….

Not so good news about Chien-Ming Wang — according the the NY Daily News, CMW will be dropped from the starting rotation for one start and will not face the Red Sox. This move isn’t exactly unexpected. I just hope it doesn’t do any further damage to his self-confidence, which must already be at an all-time low anyway.



  1. diamonddiva

    I don’t know what’s up with Wang. He says he’s healthy, so I assume his foot isn’t giving him problems. Maybe it’s just the fact that he did miss most of last season and still hasn’t entirely gotten his strength back yet. Obviously, his mechanics are out of whack, perhaps from missing so much time…Dave Eiland (Yankees pitching coach) is just going to have to spend a lot of time working with Wang, and hope that the extra work pays off. See ya in Boston — wish I could be there! (I’ve never been to Fenway Park.)

  2. NYYyakkinblog

    The Yanks need a starter who will give them a chance to win every time out. I think they should dump Wang and pick up Roy Oswalt who will be on the trading block soon. Also one HR in one game beats 20 in 4 games. BTW this is my second blog…i just changed the url.

  3. diamonddiva

    I don’t know if the Yankees should dump Wang just yet. Wait until he’s off the DL and see how things go. But…if he still isn’t back to his old self, then yes, I agree that the Yankees should consider other options. Phil Hughes looked good last night — he might be one of the other options.

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