TWO IN A ROW for the Nationals!

Nationals 4, Braves 3 — WOO HOO!!!

My roommate is a Braves fan…she is not happy. *smirk*

I was at tonight’s game. Mother Nature is obviously not a baseball fan…or at least, she’s not a Nationals or Braves fan. For the second night in a row, the game was delayed because of rain. Tonight’s delay was only an hour; last night’s first delay was more than 2 hours. Unfortunately, the sky opened up while I was on my way to the ballpark, so when I came out of the subway station, there was a torrential downpour. It was raining so hard, I could have sworn I saw a school of fish swimming up Half Street. My umbrella kept me dry down to my knees…by the time I walked up the block to the ballpark from the Metro station, my jeans were completely soaked from the knees down. My shoes and socks were soaked through as well. Not terribly comfortable, to say the least. Good thing it wasn’t a very cold night.

The game itself was a good one, though it didn’t start off that way, with Nationals starter Shairon Martis gave the Braves a 3-0 lead in the first inning. But the Nationals fought back in the 6th inning, to tie the game and then take the lead. Adam Dunn was just 1-4 on the night, but that one hit was a big one…a solo home run to the deepest part of center field. It was one hell of a blast! And then, for the second night in a row, the Nationals bullpen held the lead…and…closer Joel Hanrahan got his second save in a row. WOO HOO!! The win made sitting at the game in wet jeans, shoes, and socks worthwhile!

Washington Capitals’ mascot Slapshot hung out with Nats’ mascot Screech at tonight’s game. It’s cool to see the inter-team mingling of the mascots like that, but it’s also rather unfortunate to put Slapshot and Screech together. Slapshot is a considerably cooler mascot than Screech — at least he actually looks like an eagle, while Screech resembles a skinny, frightened chicken.


No contest!

Oh, and in honor of Slapshot’s visit, all four racing presidents carried hockey sticks during tonight’s Presidents race. LOL



  1. diamonddiva

    During the Olympics last year, the Presidents Race included hurdles. They were low hurdles, but hurdles nonetheless. You should have seen those guys in those costumes with the enormous heads trying to run over those hurdles! LOL

  2. diamonddiva

    Yep, Jane, the Nats do win every now and then…just not often enough! The Nationals record is about the same now as it was at this time last season. Considering the fact that they lost 102 games last year, that’s not necessarily a good thing.
    Sue, it was definitely nice to see a win after that delay. But I’d prefer to see a win WITHOUT a rain delay. LOL
    Elizabeth, sometimes being patient pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. But whenever there’s a chance to meet some players, it’s always worth the effort to be patient!
    Emma, if the Dodgers want Hanrahan back, they’re welcome to have him. Joel Blownsaverahan for a bag of baseballs would be a fair trade IMO.
    Jenn, LMAO at Screech looking like Foghorn Leghorn! You’re so right…he does!
    Emily, the Rockies’ mascot may not be intimidating, but I bet kids love him.
    Metsgl, I’m sorry that I missed your trivia question. I hope you got lots of responses to it.

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