The Yankees tried to imitate the Nationals tonight

Despite Jonathan Albaladejo and Mariano Rivera trying to give the game away in the 9th inning, the Yankees beat the Tigers this evening, 8-6. A solid effort from Joba Chamberlain, along with two home runs from Nick Swisher, earned Chamberlain his first win of the season.

Good thing the Yankees scored 8 runs, considering that the Tigers scored 5 runs in the 9th inning. Jeez, were Albaladejo and Rivera trying to imitate the Nats’ Joel Hanrahan and Saul Rivera?!

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In addition to tonight’s win, there’s very good news for the Yankees: Alex Rodriguez may rejoin them within 10 days, according to the doctor who operated on his hip. That’s well ahead of his targeted return date, May 15. Let’s hope his recovery continues ahead of schedule!



  1. diamonddiva

    More drama for A-Rod, Jane. 😦 I hope he can block out this latest round of drama and play well when he does come back.
    Julia, this has definitely been a crazy year so far. Who’d have thought that the Rays would be at the bottom of the AL East at the beginning of May?!

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