Rain, rain, go away!

rain.gifThe Nationals/Cardinals game at Nationals Park was rained out today. I had tickets for that game, and, despite the fact that the rain started falling steadily around mid-morning, I headed out to Nationals Park anyway, hoping that the game could be played anyway. Nope…the rain let up to a drizzle a few times but never really stopped. As the rain delay was approaching two hours and the rain began to fall harder, my friends and I gave up and left. Not pleased about what I assumed would surely be a rainout, I stopped off at the mall in Union Station on the way home and bought some new shoes. (IMO, shoe shopping is a wonderful way to soothe the soul!) Not only did I get my shoes on sale, but because the cash register malfunctioned and I had to wait while it was fixed, I got an additional 15% off for my patience. So the day wasn’t a total waste!

The Yankees/Angels game at Yankee Stadium was also rained out. (Ditto for the Mets/Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park.) New York, Philly, DC…it was just a wet, messy, nasty day on the East Coast today.



  1. diamonddiva

    I know there was a rain delay of over two hours last night. That’s how long the delay was in one of the Nats games I went to a couple of weeks ago. It’s not fun, unless you’re drunk. 😉 I went to bed long before last night’s the game ended, thanks to the delay. Is it my imagination, or has in been a wetter than usual first month of the season?! (Maybe I just feel that way because of the two lengthy rain delays and one postponement in/of games I’ve attended….)

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