Another loss to the Red Sox

After the Yankees 6-4 loss to the Red Sox last night, I need to re-think my pre-opening day prediction about the Yankees (a) winning 95 games and (b) winning the AL East. The Yankees are now 0-4 against the Red Sox, and with uneven starting pitching and an unreliable bullpen, this season may end up being a tough one for the Yankees. It’s far too early to give up, of course, but it’s definitely not too early to be realistic.

The good news about last night’s game is that Mark Teixeira finally woke up from his early season slumber. He hit two home runs last night, providing half of the Yankees offense for the game, and [BEGIN SARCASM] his batting average has zoomed all the way up to an eye-popping .195. [/END SARCASM] The bad news, in addition to the final score, is the hamstring injury to Jorge Posada. He’s been scheduled for an MRI exam, and then we’ll find out how long he’ll be out of action.




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