OK, seriously…whose bright idea was this?!

A 12:35 game on a Tuesday afternoon vs. the Astros in May? An afternoon game before school is out? What are the odds that a large number of people are going to be willing to take a day off work, or keep their kids out of school, to see this game? If there are 10,000 people at today’s game, I’d be surprised. This two-game series vs. Houston is the only time this season that the Astros will play in DC, which is all the more reason why this early start time was stupid.

Last time I checked the score, it was 10-10 at the bottom of the 9th inning. sarcsign.gif In other words, a pitchers’ duel!

UPDATE: still 10-10, bottom of the 11th, Elijah Dukes on 1st, no outs, Josh Willingham on deck…AND THERE’S A RAIN DELAY!!!


FINAL UPDATE: the game was suspended. It will resume in Houston on July 9th, with one out in the bottom of the 11th inning and the score tied, 10-10, but the Nationals will be the “home” team.

I’m confused about something. Initial reports were that the stats from this game would not be official until the game is completed. And that makes sense to me…the game isn’t finished. But, per the Nationals Journal:

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, all statistics compiled during today’s game — which was suspended due to rain in the bottom of the 11th with the score tied 10-10 — are official….The official scorer inside the press box at Nationals Park initially had announced that today’s statistics would not be made official until the game was completed.

I’m glad the statistics from this game are official. I’m just not sure why. Is it because 9 innings were played?

At least the Nationals didn’t lose today. Actually, since the Nats won yesterday, and this was just a two-game series, does that mean that the Nationals can claim that they finally won their first series of the season? 😉




  1. diamonddiva

    Yep, suspended. The rain delay was an hour and 17 minutes…I guess there was still a lot of rain showing up on the radar. Either that, or the Nationals just had to make their flight to LA for the Dodgers series, and/or the Astros had to make their flight back to Houston! LOL

  2. roundrock15

    The start time would have been bizarre enough had it been two east coast teams playing, but when one team’s fans are two hours behind, it makes even less sense.

    They amended the rules two years (or so) ago so that an official game – 5 or more innings and the score is tied or the visiting team took the lead in the top half of the current inning and the home team has not yet retaken the lead in the bottom half of the inning – even if it’s suspended, the statistics count.

    What an ugly game, all around… and the suspension, I have to think, benefits the Astros. After all, Berkman should theoretically be out of his slump by the time play resumes, the bullpen should theoretically be more rested (and maybe even have Brocail and Valverde back in it), the “visiting” crowd will be at home… the whole thing stinks.


  3. diamonddiva

    Roundrock, thanks for the explanation about the rules change regarding the statistics. I didn’t realize that there had been such a change…and, apparently, neither did the official scorer in the Nats press box. (Typical for the Nats!) And yes, the time difference did make the start time of this game even more odd….watching a ballgame at approximately 10:30 in the morning is certainly a different way to spend one’s morning! As for the resumption of the game in two months…I’m thinking that maybe the Nats might have maybe 10 more wins by then! :-/

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