Manny Ramirez receives 50 game suspension for failed drug test

According to Yahoo Sports (and numerous other media outlets), Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez has received a 50 game suspension for failing a drug test. Manny said he received a prescription medication — not a steroid — from a physician for a personal health issue, and the physician thought the medication was safe for Manny to use. As it turns out, the medication was banned under the MLB drug policy. A source claims that the illegal drug for which Manny tested positive is neither a steroid nor HGH. The source also hinted that Manny may bring legal action against the physician.

The suspension will begin with tonight’s game against the Nationals.

I’m not exactly Manny Ramirez’s biggest fan, by any means, but I almost feel sorry for him in this case. Of course, the story about this being a prescription medication and not knowing it was banned under the MLB drug policy could be a B.S. excuse. However, if it’s true that the substance wasn’t a steroid or HGH, as a source claims, then this may very well be just a mistake. And if it is, then it’s a real shame, and I wouldn’t blame Manny if he sued that physician.

At the same time, I can’t help but be suspicious. Claiming that he got this medication from a physician who said it was safe to use is almost too easy of an excuse. I want to give Manny the benefit of the doubt here, mainly because we’re talking about Manny Ramirez, one of the biggest airheads in baseball — a talented airhead, but an airhead, nonetheless. But there’s the cynical part of my brain that thinks Manny’s explanation is just plain crap.

What do you think? Was this just a mistake, or is Manny’s explanation just B.S.?

EDIT: Hmmm…very interesting. There’s been an update to article on Yahoo which mentioned an anonymous source stating that the substance that got Manny suspended is neither a steroid nor HGH. That article now says the source is claiming the drug provides a “temporary boost in sexual performance.” So, in other words, it was a drug that boosts testosterone production. That definitely changes my mind about feeling somewhat sympathetic towards Manny. Isn’t a side effect of steroids use a drop in testosterone levels?? This could very well be something Manny was taking to get those levels back to normal after stopping the use of steroids.

Or maybe it’s just that he’s impotent…in which case, I do feel sorry for him after all……LMAO!!!



  1. popejonash

    Ah, so the real reason is that Manny’s been nursing a semi lob-on for years eh? I have no sympathy for him. Yes, it may have something to do with the physician, but if it’s something he should have been even a LITTLE bit concerned about he should have taken a second opinion. Ash

  2. juliasrants

    Actually – it know appears that the drug might be “clomid” and it is used at the end of a steroid cycle to “help with performance” shall we say and to help mask the steroids use. What a mess this whole thing is and what a sad, sad day for baseball.


  3. diamonddiva

    The more I’ve thought about this today, the more disappointed and sickened I feel about this situation with Manny. Jokes about his “off the field performance” aside…I have no sympathy for him. Now that we know what the banned substance probably was, I’m no longer buying the “my-doctor-told-me-this-was-OK-to-use” story. I don’t believe he was using the drug to help his “off the field performance”. There’s no doubt in my mind that he was using that drug to increase testosterone production because of the effects of steroid use. Or maybe he’s using it in lieu of steroids, perhaps thinking that increased testosterone levels would make him stronger. Whatever…he’s using it to cheat, not “for a personal health issue” as he claims. The Yahoo article I mentioned in this blog post said that “An MLB official said that if Ramirez had a legitimate need for a drug on the banned list, he could have applied for a therapeutic exemption. Ramirez, the official said, did not ask for one.” That’s enough proof for me that he used the drug for cheating rather than improved bedroom performance. I don’t feel bad for Manny at all…I feel bad for the game of baseball. It’s getting to the point now where all players are assumed to be using some sort of PED…guilty until proven innocent. That’s disappointing, sickening, and just very, very sad.

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