Movie to be made about the Nationals bullpen

No, there isn’t a new “Bad News Bears” movie in the works. But apparently, a movie will begin filming in June that involves the Washington Nationals bullpen.

Per yesterday’s Nationals Journal in the Washington Post:

The Nationals need bullpen help. In the world of fiction, they’re getting it. In fact, their newest bullpen member is probably more famous — and certainly more well-paid — than the rest of the staff combined. Not sure about his pitching ability, but hey, when did that ever become a prerequisite for membership?

Here’s the deal: Today at Dodger Stadium, numerous representatives from Sony were on site, touring the visitors’ clubhouse and chatting with some of the Nationals. Turns out, they were doing some wardrobe research for James L. Brooks’ latest film. It’s currently in pre-production, but filming, the representatives said, will begin in June. And the film’s main protagonist? He plays a relief pitcher on the Washington Nationals. And the actor playing that relief pitcher? Rumor says, it’s Owen Wilson. (Actually, I was told it’s definitely Owen Wilson; it’s just a matter of finalizing the contracts, etc.)

The film was described to me as a romantic comedy. (So they better keep ninth-inning scenes to a minimum.) But it will be filmed primarily in Washington, D.C., and it will include scenes at Nationals Park.

Oh my. This sounds like a real winner of a movie. NOT.



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