Four wins, two losses and one “tie” — that’s the Nationals’ record this month, after defeating the Diamondbacks tonight, 5-4. What’s going on here? The Washington Nationals are actually trying to play like a major league team now! The Nats are  8-8 since starting the season 1-10. Had it not been for the miserable bullpen, we might actually have 3 or 4 additional wins.

Mind you, Joel Suckrahan Hanrahan did his best to blow the lead when he gave up a run in the 7th. But he only gave up that one run, and Julian Tavarez and Kip Wells kept the D’backs scoreless to preserve the win. The save for Wells was the first of his career.

Good job, fellas…keep up the good work!



  1. diamonddiva

    Julia, if misspelled unis are all it takes to inspire the Natinals, then I volunteer to rip the “O” off all of their uniforms. LOL
    Elizabeth, you’re welcome to take Julian back if you want him!

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