More of the same from the Nationals

I thought (hoped) the .500 road trip would give the Nationals some momentun for their homestand. How silly of me. The Nats came home with the same bullpen that they had wne they left, and it’s giving us the same results. Five straight losses — including a 4-game sweep by the Phillies — three of which were via blown saves. The other two losses were courtesy of crappy starts from Scott Olsen and Daniel Cabrera. At least we now know that Olsen is hurt, which probably explains his loss of velocity and overall suckitude. However, there is no excuse, and no hope, for Cabrera. He needs to go NOW.

Shairon Martis is on the mound for the Nationals tonight against the Pirates. Maybe we’ll actually have a chance to win.

By the way, I apologize for being AWOL over the last few days. Contrary to how it may apprear, I did not disappear because of the Nats’ 5 straight losses (though I felt like it). I actually haven’t been able to type very much because of a minor wrist injury. I never cease to be amazed at the ridiculous ways I can hurt myself. (I could probably sprain an ankle from tripping over the crack of dawn.) I went to the supermarket on Saturday, and I somehow managed to hurt my wrist from carrying bags of groceries home. I don’t know what I did…I just picked up the stupid bags and my wrist hurt all of a sudden. I don’t recall bending it awkwardly, but that’s what it feels like I did. Of course it’s my right wrist, and I’m right-handed. I’ve been wearing an elastic bandage on it since Saturday evening. It’s feeling a bit better now, but I still need the bandage when I type, and especially when I use the mouse on my computer. Sheesh, what a klutz.


  1. diamonddiva

    Julia, at least you injured yourself using something potentially dangerous — a knife! I hurt myself with a [bleeping] grocery bag. And thanks…the wrist is feeling a bit better. I don’t even think I’ll have to go on the DL. LOL

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