This cap is just ridiculous!!

I have mentioned fugly baseball caps in previous blog entries. I just found one that takes the cake. Granted, it is for kids…but it’s still one of the most ridiculous caps I’ve ever seen, and not just because it’s pink! (Hi Julia)scratchandsniffcapNY.jpgThis is a “scratch and sniff” cap.

Now I’ve seen everything.



  1. juliasrants

    I draw the line at watermelon and scratch and sniff. That is just wrong on so many levels. Solid pink for me – but you know….hmmm…..if they make that one in a Red Sox hat Scott would look wonderful in it the next time he loses to me. I’m going to have to check this out! lol!!


  2. diamonddiva

    Uh oh…poor Scott…what have I done?! I don’t even know the guy, and he’s going to hate me. LOL Keep in mind, Julia, that these are, in fact, KIDS caps!

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