Update to steroids story involving the Nationals and Capitals

Per ESPN.com:

However, two sources indicated that the steroids seized at the Thomas house aren’t the variety typically used by athletes who are subject to regular drug testing. The steroids itemized in the arrest affidavits generally stay in the system for a relatively long period of time.

“It is more the veterninary type steroids and not the nice commercially compounded stuff,” one of the sources said.

This makes me even more suspicious of these so-called dealers than I already was. Mind you, I am not naive enough to believe that every player in the Washington Nationals (or Caps too, for that matter) organization is completely clean. As I mentioned before, I wouldn’t be surprised if several players were using some sort of PED…from star players to the marginal players. But I have my doubts about Thomas’ claims. Is he looking for his 15 minutes of fame? Is he withholding the names of his alledged customers so he can make a deal with prosecutors? (“Give me a shorter sentence, and I’ll name names….”) And why the Nationals and the Capitals? Is he a Mets and Penguins fan with an agenda? Who knows?


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