OK, it’s official…the Washington Nationals used their #1 pick to select Stephen Strasburg.

DCfireworks.jpgNow that we’ve selected him, WE NEED TO SIGN HIM!!!

As for tonight’s game against the Reds, the start was delayed about 2 hours because of rain. I’ve lost count of how many Nats games have been delayed because of rain so far this season! It was a close game, and Ross Detwiler had a decent start…but his walks cost him, as 2 of his 3 walks ended up scoring. The final score was Reds 3, Nationals 2. *sigh* Another loss. 😦



  1. rrrt

    It will be interesting to see if Strasburg lives up to the hype. Isn’t Scott Boras his agent? That’s enough to give a team fits. Unrelated, my husband and I may try to take in a Nats game next weekend. I’m guessing buying tickets the day of the game is not a problem?
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. diamonddiva

    Sue, I think Strasburg will be a very good MLB pitcher — maybe even a great one, if his arm doesn’t fall off first — but I don’t think he can possibly live up to the hype. It’s really ridiculous…people seem to think he’ll be able to walk across the Potomac River without getting his feet wet! As for getting day of game tickets, you shouldn’t have a problem. If the visiting team was the Yankees or the Red Sox, that might would be a different story, but I doubt that Blue Jays fans will be coming down to DC in droves. LOL
    PTB, I think the Nationals will sign Strasburg. I think they will overpay to sign him, but I think they’ll sign him. After failing to sign Crow last season, the Nationals really have to sign Strasburg; letting him slip away would be a massive PR disaster. Quite a few season ticket holders declined to renew their ticket plans for 2009, after the 102 losses last year. I suspect that even more would choose not to renew if the Nats fail to sign Strasburg. And above and beyond all of that, the Nationals desperately NEED the guy. I do think he’ll be signed. And he will be an extremely wealthy 21 year old.

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