Mussina returning to pitch again

Newly retired Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina has accepted an invitation to participate in the Old Timers’ Day Game on July 19th at Yankee Stadium.

(What’d you think I meant by my title for this blog entry?! He’s retired people…no, he’s not coming back!)

Thanks to my friend Carissa, who got the tickets for that day’s game vs. the Tigers, I will be making a one day trip to Yankee Stadium to see the “Geezer Game” as well as that day’s game against Detroit. Can’t wait…I’m really looking forward to seeing Yankee Stadium in person!

I wonder if I should wear my Moose Hat to the Geezer Game…..




  1. diamonddiva

    I have to find it first. I looked for it yesterday and couldn’t find it. :/ I know I threw away the black and orange one from when Mussina played for Baltimore, but I don’t think I threw this one away.

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