Grow up, Hanley! (part 2)

Hanley Ramirez’s second hissy fit of the season deals with the fact that he was hit by a pitch in an interleague game against the Blue Jays. Not only did the Marlins win that game, they swept the series. But Hanley was peeved that none of the Marlins pitchers retaliated against any Blue Jays batters.

Basically, instead of enjoying the win and the sweep, Ramirez chose to act like this.


(There seems to be a lot of this going around lately…..)

The Big League Stew blog makes a good point — why should the Marlins retaliate against an interleague opponent that they won’t face again this season?

Jeez…this latest hissy fit, and the one he had earlier in the season, make me wonder if Hanley Ramirez needs to wear Pampers under his uniform instead of a cup.



  1. juliasrants

    You know what? Maybe he should go and play for Joe Girardi – he whines a lot about players getting hit; but interestingly not a lot about when his pitchers hit other people. Oh well – too many players these days acting like little boys. Maybe we need some little leaguers to come in and teach them how to act like baseball players.


  2. diamonddiva

    Ironically, Girardi managed Ramirez in 2006. And Julia, I think retaliation for hit batters is ridiculous. I know it’s part of the game, and some of the great pitchers of the past often hit batters intentionally for one reason or another. But just because it’s always been done doesn’t mean it makes sense. The only thing that it really accomplishes is to give the opposition a baserunner!

  3. brooklynbound

    Okay, in defense of Girardi, if he had not said anything about that Penny-ARod exchange, he would’ve looked like a weak manager who can’t stand up for an embattled player – which no one wants.

    I’d rather have a ‘whiner’ than a manager with no back bone.

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