Cal Ripken Jr. statue stolen from outside Oriole Park

Some people deserve to be arrested just for being stupid……..

The large statue of Cal Ripken Jr.’s No. 8 was stolen overnight from in
front of the Camden Yards baseball stadium, and Baltimore police said
they have arrested four men who were spotted driving with the statue in
the open bed of a pickup truck on a downtown street….

Police discovered that the theft had been captured on surveillance
video and a lookout was broadcast for a pickup truck….

I don’t claim to be a genius by any stretch of the imagination. But it
doesn’t take a genius to realize that there are probably going to be
security cameras in front of and all around the ballpark.

…About an hour
later, police responded to a call for men acting disorderly at Lombard
and Elwood streets in East Baltimore. When officers arrived, [Baltimore police spokesman Anthony] Guglielmi
said they saw the pickup truck and the No. 8 statue in the back.

“They saw the big No. 8 and knew that was the property,” Guglielmi said….


Yes, of course…by all means, steal a large statue, and then
engage in disorderly conduct in public, with the stolen item in plain
view…in your truck…parked nearby.



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