Baseball-related pet peeves

Since there are no games tonight, this might be a good time for a few little rants. Here are a few of my baseball-related pet peeves:

  • Rain delays.
  • People who appear to be incapable of remaining in their seats for more than 15 minutes at a time — the folks who
    get up every inning (or several times in an inning) to get another beer or some more food, or go to the
    rest room. How can they pay attention to the game when they’re out of their seats more often than they’re in it?
  • Spending as much for a small soda as I pay for two 2-liter bottles of soda at the supermarket.
  • Hitters who stand at home plate to admire their home run as it sails out of the ballpark, before finally starting their home run jog.
  • Pitchers who pump their fist and scream and jump around every time they strike someone out. Celebrating a game-ending strikeout is one thing…celebrating every strikeout is annoying. To paraphrase NFL Hall of Fame coach Vince Lomdardi, when they get a strikeout, they should act like they’ve done it before.
  • Baseball gear in pastel colors for women. When the teams themselves start wearing pink or lavender, then I’ll accept the pink or lavender caps, t-shirts, jerseys, etc. And don’t even get me started on the sequined caps and jerseys…..
  • People who talk so much at ballgames that they miss the action and have
    to keep asking what happened. If they had been paying attention, then
    they’d have seen that great catch, great hit, great double play, etc.
  • Treating yourself to field level seats, close to the field, and then having the tallest person at the ballpark sit in front of you (a real problem for someone like me who’s only 5’2″).
  • People who ask me why I bother to root for a team that always finishes in last place and loses over 100 games two years in a row.


  • Caps, jerseys, t-shirt, etc. in alternative colors, other than a team’s actual colors. I don’t want a green Nationals cap or a black Yankees cap, thank you very much.

What are some of your baseball-related pet peeves?



  1. juliasrants

    I’ll take exception to your comment on “pink hats” – I have Red Sox hats in many colors – including Pink, which is the one I normally wear. I like it! Why should anyone care what color I wear? I’ve been a baseball fan for 40+ years and if I want to wear a pink hat – why not? Guys don’t care what other guys wear to the game – as long as they are fans! Why do women care so much?


  2. Buz

    I think you nailed it on so many fans. They go to the ballgame.. but they hardly “watch” the ballgame! It’s ludicrous. And the cost for the food.. yup .. that’s a bummer. I’m with you on the green and pink and light blue.. or whatever color gear. Team colors are… team colors!

    Buz –

  3. phillies_phollowers

    The getting out of the seat thing is my biggest one. Once I sit, I do not move until the game is over! Hate to miss anything…if these people want to drink 20 beers and pee every 5 minutes, why can’t they just stay home and do that?
    My other big one is the when the person in front of me cannot hold they head still for 2 seconds. What are they looking at anyway? The game is right in front of them! Then I have to do the bob & weave just to see what is happening.
    Then there are the people who have to stand up and wave at a friend clear across the stadium while talking to them on the phone…of course, the person can’t see them so this goes on for 15 minutes while you struggle to see the field.
    I could go on for hours….LOL


  4. rrrt

    I agree with so many of them! Tops for me are the people who can’t sit still for more than an inning, and people who talk throughout the game. Memorable overhead conversation – Phillies were hosting the Braves when Ryan Langerhans was still a Brave, and a guy behind us felt compelled to point out to his girlfriend/wife/whatever that “the islets of langerhans are part of the pancreas”. Just one small part of his never-ending commentary, I don’t think she got a word in edgewise the whole time. I don’t go to ballgames for anatomy lessons!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  5. diamonddiva

    Julia, your comment has reminded me that I need to edit my list of peeves, in order to include ALL alternative color gear — pastel or otherwise. I don’t have a problem with the women who wear pink (or any other color) caps. I have a problem with the manufacturers of the “feminine colored” caps, shirts, etc. Do they think that female baseball fans don’t want feminine styled gear in actual team colors? Alyssa Milano’s baseball clothing line is cute and feminine…and in actual team colors! (Mind you, it’s also not made for any females over the age of 40 or larger than size 8, but otherwise it’s very cute…..)
    Yep, Buz…why go to a ballgame if you’re not going to watch it? If you just want to go somewhere to drink beer, go to a bar.
    Jenn, other than getting up for the 7th inning stretch, I try to stay put as much as possible too. I’m with you…I don’t want to miss anything either. Oh, and the bobbing and weaving to see around the folks who can’t keep their heads still drives me crazy!
    Anatomy lessons at a ballgame, Sue? Well, that’s certainly unique. Bizarre, but unique.

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