Donnie Baseball to interview with the Nationals?

The Nationals have made a flurry of front office changes recently, getting the ball rolling on improving the team to prevent another 100+ loss season in 2010. And word is that the Nationals have requested permission to interview Don Mattingly as a possible candidate for the manager job.

Dodgers hitting coach Don Mattingly said this afternoon the
Nationals have asked Los Angeles general manager Ned Colletti for
permission to speak to Mattingly about their managerial opening.

former Yankees first baseman has also spoken to the Cleveland Indians
about their opening, and said the Nationals appear to be waiting until
after the World Series to speed up their search.

“Cleveland’s on,
it seems like, a little different timetable,” Mattingly said.
“Washington is willing to wait until after the World Series to start.”

has been on Dodgers manager Joe Torre’s coaching staffs since he was
with the Yankees, and has been thought to be an heir apparent to Torre
when he retires in Los Angeles. But that doesn’t appear to be stopping
him from checking into other openings….


I’m not sure how to feel about Don Mattingly being a candidate for the manager’s job. I know that Yankees fans love him, so he must be a good guy. But good guys need more than just their goodness to be successful. The fact that he would be a first time manager also makes me nervous…Manny Acta was a first time manager too, and that certainly didn’t work out too well.

Mind you, the Nationals still need a good starting pitcher, some decent arms in the bullpen, and a reliable second baseman. If they don’t get those pieces for the puzzle, then the managerial choice will be irrelevant…because Casey Stengel couldn’t win with this team right now.


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