I miss baseball

I miss baseball.

OK, I know what you’re thinking:

Huh? What are you talking about? Baseball season isn’t over. Game 3 of the World Series was just played tonight, and there could be as many as 4 more games. How the hell can you miss baseball when it’s still being played?!

Yes, the World Series is still taking place. But I wasn’t there at the ballpark tonight. The last game I attended was waaaaaaay back on September 30th, the Nationals’ final home game…that was over a month ago!

As awful as the Nationals’ season was, and as painful as it was to witness so many of those losses in person, I enjoyed going to the games. I had a lot of good times attending ballgames this season. I love Nationals Park. I had fun hanging out — and often commiserating — with my fellow season ticket holders seated nearby. (I’ll miss those folks when I move to my new seats next season.) I miss going to the games…I miss the Presidents Race (GO TEDDY!!)…


photo by me

I miss the hotdogs…I miss the chili half smokes (served up “all the
way” with cheese, onions, and mustard) from Ben’s Chili Bowl…I miss
the funnel cakes…I miss the fireworks, and the way the stars on the scoreboard clock would blink, after a Nationals home run…hell, I even miss Screech!


photo by me

I’ve got tickets for a few Washington Capitals games this season, but that won’t be the same. (At least there’s a good chance that the Caps will actually win those games.) There’s just something about seeing a baseball game in person. And that’s something I won’t be able to do for just over 5 months.


I miss baseball.



  1. Jane Heller

    Shelley, I can totally relate. I’m still recovering from 2007 when I followed the Yanks to all those games for my book. I got used to being AT the games instead of watching them on TV, and it’s just not the same. But it’s better than nothing and I’m ecstatic that the Yanks are in the World Series. So no complaints from me!


  2. diamonddiva

    Jane, I read that book (loved it!), and I would definitely still be recovering from going to all those games…or rather, going through withdrawal from not being able to go to so many games every year.
    Saundra, I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Nationals Park.
    There are now less than 100 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training…and just 21 weeks until I attend my first game of the 2010 season!

  3. behindblueyes

    I’m a Dodger fan, but I’ll be going to a game within the next week to see the Desert Dogs play, which should be of interest to Nationals fans). Don’t think I could survive until next spring training without going to a few baseball games in person. There’s nothing quite like it, is there? I hope to see several more over the next few months. Even if they are not at Chavez Ravine, whatever baseball I can get is better than none.

    BTW I love your name!


  4. diamonddiva

    You’re going to an AFL game? LUCKY! I’d love to be able to see the Desert Dogs play so I could get a glimpse of Stephen Strasburg and Drew Storen. Mind you, baseball withdrawal is really getting to me, so I’d be happy to attend any AFL game. Have fun at the game! And thank for the compliment on my name! 🙂

  5. behindblueyes

    I love Strasburg–been following him since he was playing youth baseball here and went to several games he pitched for the Aztecs this year. I’ll be following his professional career from afar! I just wish AFL extended longer than November. I just found your blog a couple of days ago but am really enjoying reading it.


  6. diamonddiva

    So far, Strasburg (and Storen) are doing well in the AFL, which is really good news for Nationals fans. Thank you for the kind words on my blog — I will definitely check out yours…tomorrow, when I’m more awake! (I’m about ready for bed now.)

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