It’s Riggleman

To the surprise of almost no one, the Nationals have selected Jim Riggleman over Bobby Valentine as their manager. I really had no preference for either one, so the choice doesn’t disappoint me. Valentine certainly would have been interesting and entertaining…but I can’t help wondering why other teams didn’t seem to show much interest in him. Ultimately, I think the Nationals made the right choice.

Now it’s time to get to work on filling the many holes in this team. The manager will be irrelevant if the Nats don’t bring in some good starting pitching, a reliable and competent second baseman, and a decent catcher.



  1. rrrt

    “The manager will be irrelevant if the Nats don’t bring in some good starting pitching, a reliable and competent second baseman, and a decent catcher.”
    Not only will he be irrelevent, he’ll probably be out of a job. Fair or not, lack of results usually gets the manager fired, even though the players are the ones on the field messing up.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts


    the nationals were my favorite team to watch last year because rob dibble is a great color guy up there with bob carpenter, they are great….just wish they had more games in hd!
    jesus flores is their catcher, hes good but injured. starting pitchers showed glimmers of hope, but can’t throw strikes. jesus flores might help pitching staff.
    defense up the middle is atrocious, c. guzman is the antithesis of jeter or bartlett. i really hope he is gone, they got rid of belliard thank god!
    nyjer morgan may be the best cf in the league and i’m a huge victorino fan.
    watch out for the nats in the next few years, they have some great talent on the team and coming up.

  3. diamonddiva

    Mattpeas, I think Riggleman was a good choice at this particular point in time. If the Nats were on the verge of becoming a contender for a postseason berth, then maybe someone like Valentine would have been a better fit. And I’m really looking forward to having a healthy Nyjer Morgan back in the lineup and in center field next season!
    Sue, you’re so right. Front offices can’t fire the entire team when they aren’t playing well, so the manager gets the blame and the boot.
    Yes, NYColeman, when you‘re as bad as the Nationals, you do need more than just a decent manager. And yes, my teams are complete opposites, even where their W/L records are concerned — 103-59 and 59-103. But hey, it’s easy to root for a winner. The true test of being a loyal, die-hard fan is to stick with your team even when it’s not doing well. I intend to do exactly that.
    Fishstyk, I LOVE Rob Dibble! With all due respect to former Nats color commentator Don Sutton, Dibbs really breathes some life into the booth. His humor, expertise, and enthusiasm for the team are a breath of fresh air. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Jesus Flores will stay healthy. I think he has the potential to be a great catcher, but I’m concerned that he’s the catcher version of Nick Johnson…a very talented player who just can’t stay healthy. I agree with you about the defense up the middle. Guzman is not the answer at SS, though I’ve heard he’ll be moved to 2B…which doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. Nyjer is awesome — can’t wait to see Tony Plush back in action in 2010. The Nats have some good, young talent waiting in the wings…I agree that we could be a pretty good team in the not too distant future.

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