It’s the Yankees’ fault

On November 6th, an article by Jeff Passan was posted at Yahoo Sports, claiming that the Yankees had bought their World Series title, and that baseball fans should just get used to it. I’ve already discussed that claim here in this blog, so there’s no need to go over it again.

On Wednesday, Passan posted and responded to some of the letters he received in response to that article. One of those letters stated, “The Yankees play within the same rules as everyone else, so blame the system and not the Yankees.” Passan’s reply to this statement was both interesting and confusing:

Never mind the salience of the points – that money does matter, and that the Yankees are in a great position because of theirs, and that the fact they do spend it makes them better than, say, the Marlins, who trim payroll and pocket revenue-sharing money.

He’s right about the fact that the Yankees’ money gives them a huge advantage over low revenue teams. But it’s the last part of his response that has me scratching my head in bewilderment. Let me get this straight…is Passan claiming that the Yankees are to blame because the owner of the Marlins (or the Pirates, Royals, etc.) may just be too cheap to put the revenue-sharing money they receive back into their teams? The fact that some owners of the lowest payroll teams “trim payroll and pocket revenue-sharing money” is the Yankees’ fault? Really? It’s the Yankees’ fault that baseball’s system of revenue sharing does not require revenue sharing recipients to put the money back into their teams??

Wow…who knew that the Yankees are to blame for all the cheapskate owners in Major League Baseball! I wonder if Passan also blames the Yankees for the poor economy, the health care crisis, and global warming.

Stop crying, Mr. Passan.

cryinggirl.jpgThe problem is THE REVENUE SHARING SYSTEM itself, not the Yankees. The problem is that the owners of teams receiving revenue sharing moneys are, in fact, able to pocket that money and are not required to put it back into their teams to improve them.


  1. halothunder

    Agree, the system gives, yet the luxury tax now is hardly the incentive to invest as to why the owners pocket the money, too, while the MLB commissioner office has protected the large market entertainment value, player’s union, and free agency.

    If it wasn’t the case, the office wouldn’t be such a pushover and have conducted hardline effective measures to parity against the lopsided revenues a long time ago that aren’t possible without the league and game in the first place.

    I’m in the “revenue sharing” tag by my blog, too, check it out!

  2. diamonddiva

    I saw something online a month or two ago about MLB calling out the Marlins owner for keeping his payroll so low and not putting the revenue sharing monies back into the team. I wonder if that was just a little slap on the wrist or if MLB will actually take some sort of action to force small market owners to put those funds into building a successful team rather than just lining their pockets.

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