Super Stras!

Per — in five AFL regular-season starts, Stephen Strasburg allowed 15 hits and nine earned runs in 19 innings — for an ERA of 4.26 — with seven walks and 23 strikeouts. Aside from one bad start — giving up seven earned runs and eight hits in 2 2/3 innings to the Peoria Javelinas on Oct. 22 — he went 4-0 with a 1.10 ERA.

Another Superman for the Nationals!

By the way, I thought this excerpt from the above linked article was interesting:

Strasburg had just completed essentially his first month as a professional pitcher, and was caught off guard by one question:

How has pitching with a hefty bank account been different?

The tall right-hander gathered himself for an answer.

“That never enters my mind,” said Strasburg, the recipient of a $17 million five-year package from the Nationals. “At San Diego State, I was only concerned with trying to put the team on the map.

“Now, I’m just trying to work as hard as I can to prepare to pitch in as high a level as the Nationals will want me. There will always be pressure no matter where you pitch. You always have to prove yourself and answer expectations.

Good answer, kid! I’m not sure if I believe you…$17 million is a lot of money to ignore…but it was still a good answer!



  1. behindblueyes

    Although I’m definitely a Javelinas fan (go Javs!) 🙂 , Stephen gave me reason to follow the Desert Dogs more. He sure looked sharp in most of his starts. Like in several of his Aztec games last year, he was clocked at 100+ on his heater. He told the Union-Tribune he’s not sure where he’ll be come next spring (here’s the link:

    It could have been yet another title for Phoenix in the end had he been able to pitch in the championship game, instead of Peoria winning.

    Stras knows he has a lot to learn, and he has the right attitude toward it. I think he’s gotten a good feel for it in the AFL. I’ll be curious to see what’s next. Good luck to him! (except, of course, facing the Dodgers!)

  2. devilabrit

    I’m sure he would have had the same response if he’d taken the baseball minimum, may not have smiled as much, hopefully he’ll carry that type of class on to his big league career over the years ahead..
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  3. pagevalnat

    Oh, hell, let the boy get his first start in the Majors FIRST before you start hating on him, Vig!! LMAO
    At any rate…
    If you have time, Shelley, check out my MLBlog (just now written) on the Senators-Yanks game from 9/30/71…yeah, THAT game!!!…complete with pictures. (Some of which I credit to Nats320…that’s
    The piece (on Nats320) is titled “The Day My Washington Senators Died”. MY title works just as well.
    Anyway, happy New Year!!!

  4. angelsgirl012

    Well hello! I actually hope Strasburg ends up well for y’all! He certainly has a LOT of hype right now. I don’t know if I believe it quite yet. We’ll see once he makes his major league debut 🙂

    I like your blog name and your dedication to your Nationals! I find it very well.. courageous? I dunno the right word lol Anywho I look forward to reading more blog entries in the future (once the season starts that is)

  5. readbetweenthevines

    Strasburg is definitely one of the best major league pitching prospects in a while, but as always there are concerns. His motion and the velocity at which he throws the ball always brings up issues concerning injuries. It’s still ridiculous how much he is getting paid before he ever pitches in a professional baseball game, something needs to be done about capping rookie contracts. As for his character, I do believe his is strong because as a freshman in college he was overweight and close to dropping out. Then he started working harder and honing in on his mechanics and finally everything clicked.

  6. diamonddiva

    Hey Blueyes, you’re right about Strasburg knowing that he still has a lot to learn about MLB pitching. I just hope the powers that be in the Nationals organization realize that too and don’t try to rush him up to the big leagues too soon. From a marketing standpoint, it would be great to see him on the Opening Day roster, but that could be a disaster from a developmental standpoint. I do think he’ll be on the Nats roster at some point this season though.
    Peter, Stras doesn’t strike me as a prima donna type, so yes, I do think he’ll remain classy once his big league career gets underway. I hope so, anyhow. LOL
    Well, Vig, any Nats fans who think Stephen Strasburg is going to lead the Nationals from last place to first place in one season are fooling themselves. He’ll be a great pitcher someday, and the Nationals will win the World Series someday. The former will most likely happen before the latter!
    Gary, I’ve been away from MLBlogs over the winter, so I will go check out blog entry. Thanks for pointing it out to me.
    Angels012, I agree with you about the hype for Strasburg. It really has been a bit ridiculous, but I guess that’s just the way it goes with top draft choices. Needless to say, I hope he lives up to all of that hype. Thank you for the compliment on the name of this blog. I don’t see my dedication to the Nationals as courageous. I’m just rooting for my home team. When the Nats do eventually start winning on a regular basis, and fans who mock them now start jumping on the Nationals bandwagon, I can put on my Vinnie Castilla t-shirt from 2005 and proudly point out that I’ve been here since the beginning!
    welikeroy, I did a similar Photoshop image of Ryan Zimmerman last season, and he ended up being an All-Star and winning Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards. I’m hoping this superman image brings Strasburg good luck as well. LOL

  7. diamonddiva

    Whoops, I didn’t see that last comment when I posted mine. Sorry about that, Vines! I’m definitely no expert on pitching mechanics, but I have heard/read a lot of comments about Strasburg’s mechanics, and how he is a shoulder injury waiting to happen. I’m hoping that those mechanics can be worked on and modified to reduce some of the stress on his shoulder, thereby reducing his chances for injury, without sacrificing his overall effectiveness. The fact that he worked so hard to change his mechanics early in his college career leads me to believe that he would be willing to listen to coaches who may want him to make additional changes now. I agree about rookie contracts…they are out of control. But as long as there are agents like Scott Boras, rookies will continue to get outrageous contracts before they’ve ever played an inning in the big leagues.
    Hmmm…I got an error message when I first tried to post this response — “Comment Submission Error, Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Too many comments have been submitted from you in a short period of time. Please try again in a short while.” Well, pffffft!! It’s my first time back here in three months, and my own blog is fussing at me. *sigh*

  8. pagevalnat

    You have to WRITE more often, Shelley…LMAO
    Seriously, though, I’m going to be @ Nationals Park on the 6th of June…REGARDLESS of whether “The Axtec Nightmare” is pitching that day or not. It’ll determine whether I bring my camera or not.
    (Oh, BTW, check out my blog from April when I went to Altoona to see “THE debut”. Pictures galore…and all MINE!!!)

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