I’m SOOOO ready for baseball season!

Hello from the snow-covered DC suburbs! I’ve been digging my way out from under the approximately 34 inches of snow that fell in my area in less than a week. That, of course, is in addition to the 31 or so inches of snow that has fallen here since the weekend before Christmas.The “official” total amount of snow for DC so far this winter season is about 55 inches, which, according to a local TV station’s web site, is more snow than has fallen in Chicago (45.1″), Detroit (27.5″), Minneapolis (38.1″), Boston (30.1″), and Fargo (46.0″). Hell, yes, I’m ready for the start of baseball season!

FYI, I will now be focusing primarily on the Nationals in this blog,
rather than splitting my attention between the Nats and the Yankees.
Let’s face it, there are plenty of Yankees blogs — probably even more
now than there were when the 2009 season ended, thanks to the Yankees’
latest World Series triumph — so the disappearance of the Yankees
portion of this blog won’t exactly be a major loss to the Yankees
blogosphere. I do, however, reserve the right to throw in an occasional
comment (or rant) about the Yankees from time to time, since they
remain my second favorite team.

With that said…Nationals pitchers and catchers report to Viera, FL next Friday, the 19th. Nationals position players report on the 24th, and the first full-squad workout is on the 26th. Split-squad games will take place on March 4th, and the Nationals’ home opener at Space Coast Stadium will be March 6th against the Mets.

There have been quite a few changes for the Nationals since the 2009 season ended…some goodbyes and hellos for 2010. Goodbye to Austin Kearns, Saul Rivera, Ron Villone, and Dmitri Young, among others. Hello to Brian Bruney, Matt Capps, Adam Kennedy, Jason Marquis, and Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, among others. Yes, the Nats were in the running for Orlando Hudson, and apparently are very much in the running for Chen Ming Wang. We’ll see how the negotiations for CMW go. In addition to personnel changes, the front office has undergone quite a few changes as well, all designed to change the Washington Nationals from the laughingstock of MLB to actual winners. Time will tell if the changes are successful.

For now…the start of spring training is just a week away…opening day for the Nats is in 53 days…and hope springs eternal!



  1. angelsgirl012

    me too! I can’t wait! I know we live on such separate coasts (i’m from california!) but it’s cold out here too! I mean probably different kind of cold you’re experiencing but cold nonetheless! XD Anyways we only have to wait a little while longer then it’ll be spring time and all our worries shall be gone! 😉


  2. diamonddiva

    Mind you, when the Nats are in Florida for spring training, I’ll still be freezing my tushie off up here! But hey, at least we’ll be that much closer to the start of the 2010 season. And that’s definitely something to look forward to.

  3. Jane Heller

    Shelley, I’m glad to see you have power in D.C.! I keep reading about people who are still shoveling out. Glad you’re OK. And I think you’re right to go forward as a Nats blogger. They need your full support, and we know you love the Yanks too (even without Mussina). 🙂 I hope CMW works out for you. In the meantime, take good care of Bruney for me.


  4. behindblueyes

    Hello DiamondDiva! I definitely feel for you with all that nasty weather. Our kids from here who are Little League World Champions had their White House visit scheduled for the weekend of the worst of it! I don’t know what part of Cali angels012 is writing from, but it is most definitely NOT cold here on the coast of Socal!
    I wish your Nationals a successful season except when they play the Dodgers (wink, wink). They sure seem to have made a lot of moves and look serious about improving pitching to surround Stras with some decent arms. As usual, I’ll be following his progress on the road to the Majors, and beyond.
    My offseason has been filled with baseball (fall leagues, winter leagues) and now college ball starting. Pitchers and catchers next and a few trips over to Arizona for that. In my world, baseball never ends; it just takes a couple of weeks off for Christmas break. 🙂
    I’ll hopefully have a lot to look forward to this MLB season, and I’m sure you will with the way your team has improved.
    Take care and stay warm!

  5. crzblue2

    When Mimi wrote that it was cold here in Southern Cal, IT WAS! but no anymore, it has been in the 80’s. But we expect more rain again next week and again we will see snow in the mountains. But enough of that! Pitchers and Catchers reporting Sunday for us Dodger fans! Woohoo! Just to look at any team in uniform just gives me a warm feeling.

  6. baseballbutterfly@live.com

    Emma, I don’t know where you live, but unless you’re at a higher elevation, it does NOT get cold in southern California. I was in L.A. from February 9-15 and it never got below 58 degrees during the daytime. I had been in Philadelphia the week before and it was in the 20s. THAT is cold. 50s and 60s is not.

  7. padres2050

    Saw where Strassy had his first workout. I hope he can make the Opening Day roster and help the Nats this year. He is sorely missed at San Diego State.

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