About diamonddiva

My name is Shelley, and I’m a Washington, DC
native, living in Maryland and working for local government.
I’m a huge sports fan — I grew up watching football and have
been a Washington Redskins fan pretty much since birth. I
discovered baseball in 1995 and have been a fan ever since. I
started off watching the Baltimore Orioles, because they were
the closest team to DC. I lost interest in the Orioles (a)
after my favorite players (Robbie Alomar, Mike Mussina, Brady
Anderson) left Baltimore, and (b) when I realized how much of
an idiot their owner — Peter Angelos — was. Since Mussina
was my #1 favorite of favorite players, I “followed” him to
the Yankees after the 2000 season. And then the Montreal
Expos moved to Washington in December of 2004…I finally had
a “home team”! So I’ve been both a Yankees fan and a
Nationals fan since late 2004. Now that Mussina has retired,
the Nationals have taken the #1 spot in my heart…but the
Yankees aren’t too far behind.


My interests include baseball, football
(Hail to the Redskins!), hockey (GO CAPS!), figure skating,
making beaded jewelry, collecting post cards, the TV show
“Lost”, and my adorable Holland lop bunny named Snickers. Oh,
and chocolate!