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And the new manager for the Washington Nationals is…

…not going to be Don Mattingly, who declined to interview with the Nationals, according to Dodgers GM Ned Colletti last week. I can’t really say that I blame him…but I’m also not particularly disappointed that he won’t be managing the Nationals. As I mentioned before, he’d be a first time MLB manager — our previous manager was also a first-timer, and he didn’t work out so well.

There have been a number of changes in the Nationals’ front office since the season ended, and it finally looks like a decision is about to be made regarding the Nationals manager. Per Nationals.com, Interim manager Jim Riggleman and Bobby Valentine are the top candidates to be named as the manager of the Nationals. An announcement from the Nats is expected on Friday (11/13).

Not that I’m superstitious or anything, but considering the team’s fortunes over the last two seasons, would it really be a good idea to make the announcement about the new manager on Friday the 13th?!


Donnie Baseball to interview with the Nationals?

The Nationals have made a flurry of front office changes recently, getting the ball rolling on improving the team to prevent another 100+ loss season in 2010. And word is that the Nationals have requested permission to interview Don Mattingly as a possible candidate for the manager job.

Dodgers hitting coach Don Mattingly said this afternoon the
Nationals have asked Los Angeles general manager Ned Colletti for
permission to speak to Mattingly about their managerial opening.

former Yankees first baseman has also spoken to the Cleveland Indians
about their opening, and said the Nationals appear to be waiting until
after the World Series to speed up their search.

“Cleveland’s on,
it seems like, a little different timetable,” Mattingly said.
“Washington is willing to wait until after the World Series to start.”

has been on Dodgers manager Joe Torre’s coaching staffs since he was
with the Yankees, and has been thought to be an heir apparent to Torre
when he retires in Los Angeles. But that doesn’t appear to be stopping
him from checking into other openings….


I’m not sure how to feel about Don Mattingly being a candidate for the manager’s job. I know that Yankees fans love him, so he must be a good guy. But good guys need more than just their goodness to be successful. The fact that he would be a first time manager also makes me nervous…Manny Acta was a first time manager too, and that certainly didn’t work out too well.

Mind you, the Nationals still need a good starting pitcher, some decent arms in the bullpen, and a reliable second baseman. If they don’t get those pieces for the puzzle, then the managerial choice will be irrelevant…because Casey Stengel couldn’t win with this team right now.

Crazy game in L.A. tonight

I’m watching the Nats/Dodgers game, and I nearly went to bed after the first inning, when Nats pitcher Jordan Zimmermann gave up 6 runs. The Nationals scored 1 run in the 6th inning, 3 runs in the 7th, and 6 runs in the 8th to take a 10-6 lead, before the Dodgers scored at the bottom of the 8th. The Nats have scored another run in the top of the 9th to take an 11-7 lead. But the game is heading into the bottom of the 9th…and a 4 run lead is nothing, considering how attrocious the Nats bullpen is. Oy…Kip Wells is pitching now. *GROAN* I predict that the Nationals will lose, 12-11…….

EDIT: OMG…after some bottom of the 9th drama, the Nats won, 11-9!! They actually beat the best team in baseball! This is the first time the Nationals have won in L.A. since May 4, 2005. The newest edition to the bullpen, Ron Villone, got the win…he arrived in L.A. shortly before the game began and was en route to the ballpark as the game got underway. He made it to the ballpark in time to enter the game in the 7th inning, and ended up getting the win.

Like I said…crazy game!

OK, I’ve gotta go to bed now, so I can get up for work in 4 1/2 hours………

Manny Ramirez receives 50 game suspension for failed drug test

According to Yahoo Sports (and numerous other media outlets), Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez has received a 50 game suspension for failing a drug test. Manny said he received a prescription medication — not a steroid — from a physician for a personal health issue, and the physician thought the medication was safe for Manny to use. As it turns out, the medication was banned under the MLB drug policy. A source claims that the illegal drug for which Manny tested positive is neither a steroid nor HGH. The source also hinted that Manny may bring legal action against the physician.

The suspension will begin with tonight’s game against the Nationals.

I’m not exactly Manny Ramirez’s biggest fan, by any means, but I almost feel sorry for him in this case. Of course, the story about this being a prescription medication and not knowing it was banned under the MLB drug policy could be a B.S. excuse. However, if it’s true that the substance wasn’t a steroid or HGH, as a source claims, then this may very well be just a mistake. And if it is, then it’s a real shame, and I wouldn’t blame Manny if he sued that physician.

At the same time, I can’t help but be suspicious. Claiming that he got this medication from a physician who said it was safe to use is almost too easy of an excuse. I want to give Manny the benefit of the doubt here, mainly because we’re talking about Manny Ramirez, one of the biggest airheads in baseball — a talented airhead, but an airhead, nonetheless. But there’s the cynical part of my brain that thinks Manny’s explanation is just plain crap.

What do you think? Was this just a mistake, or is Manny’s explanation just B.S.?

EDIT: Hmmm…very interesting. There’s been an update to article on Yahoo which mentioned an anonymous source stating that the substance that got Manny suspended is neither a steroid nor HGH. That article now says the source is claiming the drug provides a “temporary boost in sexual performance.” So, in other words, it was a drug that boosts testosterone production. That definitely changes my mind about feeling somewhat sympathetic towards Manny. Isn’t a side effect of steroids use a drop in testosterone levels?? This could very well be something Manny was taking to get those levels back to normal after stopping the use of steroids.

Or maybe it’s just that he’s impotent…in which case, I do feel sorry for him after all……LMAO!!!

More FUGLY baseball caps

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I don’t like alternatively colored caps. The pictures of caps I posted there were bad enough…but I found some more.

fuglypurpleLA.jpgSince when are the Dodgers colors purple and orange?! My favorite color is purple, but this cap is just dreadful.

fuglycamoBOS.jpgUGH…this is hideous! I can only imagine what the Yankee Stadium bleacher creatures would do to someone wearing this cap. Hell, Red Sox fans at Fenway Park might even laugh this cap’s wearer out of the ballpark.

fuglycolorsNY.jpgWho wears crap like this?!? Maybe someone who has lost a bet??

Perhaps I should get this one, since it has diamonds on it.

(I think not.)

fuglyplaidNY1.jpgfuglyplaidNY2.jpgfuglyplaidNY3.jpgOy…I think this one is even worse than the Nationals Fudd cap I mentioned in my previous cap post. It’s horrendous!

I realize that these are probably meant to be a fashion statement more than a declaration of team loyalty. But honestly, the only statement these make is that the wearer has excruciatingly poor taste.

Goodbye Hill, hello Beimel

Last year it was John Patterson, this year it’s Shawn Hill. The Nationals released Hill today, apparently due to continued uncertainty about his health. Recent reports stated that he was feeling better, so this move is a bit of a surprise. I had thought he would be given a bit more time, but I guess the front office got impatient. Bill Ladson has reported on Nationals.com that manager Manny Acta “pointed out that it was an organizational decision.”

Hill will be paid 1/6 of the $775,000 he was supposed to be paid this season. I’m not sure it this is accurate, but I heard that this is the final day a player can be cut for 1/6 of his salary. Hill did win arbitration, so this move may have as much to do with money as it has to do with his health.

I feel bad for Hill about this, particularly after reading on Nationals.com that “Hill took the news badly and had tears in his eyes.” But the fact he has already experienced forearm soreness, by early March, didn’t bode well for him. He can’t help the team if he ends up back on the DL.

The other big news for the Nationals today is that they signed free agent lefty reliever Joe Beimel. I think this is a great signing for the Nats, especially since Mike Hinckley has struggled so far this spring. I checked Beimel’s stats for the Dodgers last season — he appeared in 71 games, had a W/L record of 5-1, gave up no home runs, and had a 2.02 ERA. Very solid…this instantly strengthens a weak bullpen. I’m pumped about this signing!

Manny Ramirez is an idiot

Or maybe Scott Boras is the idiot? Or perhaps they’re BOTH idiots. After Manny turned down the Dodgers most recent contract offer, the Dodgers pulled the offer off the table and now say negotiations must start from scratch.

I realize that Manny doesn’t exactly need the money, but since there isn”t exactly a long line of teams lining up for his services, he really should just SHUT THE #?&% UP and take whatever the Dodgers offer him if he wants to remain employed by MLB.