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Happy ending to the Subway Series

The Yankees took 2 out of 3 games from the Mets in the 2009 interleague Subway Series. Andy Pettitte gave up 12 hits and got the loss as the Mets won Saturday’s contest, 6-2.

Also on Saturday, Yankees’ reliever Brian Bruney had a hissy fit against Francisco Rodriguez, publicly expressing his dislike of the Mets’ closer. Rodriguez responded with his own comments; both players pretty much sounded like


However, in game 3 of the series, the Yankees beat the living snot out of Johan Santana, 15-0. The Yankees got 9 runs on 9 hits and chased Santana from the game after just 3 innings. A.J. Burnett, David Robertson, and Phil Hughes combined to shut the Mets down and out, allowing just 6 hits; the Mets left 23 men on base. The Yankees scored 9 of their 15 runs in a very busy 4th inning, which included home runs from Hideki Matsui and Robinson Cano, and doubles from Johnny Damon (now decaffinated) and Melky Cabrera.

During batting practice before this game, Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez yelled something at Brian Bruney in left field, continuing the hissy fit of the day before. The two had to be separated by teammates. Just more of

cryinggirl.jpgSheesh. Kids these days!

Yankees rout Rangers

Outstanding performances from Phil Hughes (3 hits, no runs, 1 walk, and 6 strikeouts over 8 innings) and Alex Rodriguez (5-5, with 4 RBI and 2 runs scored) highlighted the Yankees 11-1 win over the Rangers. A-Rod was booed before each at bat, though the boos obviously didn’t bother him…perhaps they actually motivated him to perform so well. His performance raised his batting average from .189 to .259.

As for Hughes, he pitched a gem. I can’t figure out why Joe Girardi didn’t let him finish the game, since he was obviously pitching so well. I realize that managers tend to limit their young pitchers to about 100 pitches, and Hughes had thrown 101 when he was replaced by Alfredo Aceves for the 9th inning. But he was dealing, and his team was up by 11 runs. It’s not as if the Yankees were ahead by just a run or two, and a possibly tiring Hughes would have given up the lead.

An 11-1 rout is a great way to start a road trip, especially after the nail-biters in the last two games. And this win, combined with the Blue Jays loss to the Orioles, has moved the Yankees past the Blue Jays into second place in the AL East.


Eight games. That’s the Yankees winning streak, after tonight’s 11-4 win over the Orioles tonight. The Yankees got 3 consecutive home runs by Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano, and Melky Cabrera in the 2nd inning and never looked back. Phil Hughes gave up 3 runs, including 2 home runs, over 5 innings, but also struck out 9. He was tonight’s winning pitcher, raising his record to 2-2.

Earlier this month, I was concerned about whether or not the Yankees would be able to right the ship before the fell out of contention. I guess I need not have worried!

Yankees vs. Orioles

UGH. Yesterday’s game was UGLY!!

ugly.gifWhat a game. I mentioned here that I hoped Phil Hughes would pitch in Baltimore the way he did against the Tigers rather than against the Red Sox. Had he pitched Saturday the way he pitched against the Red Sox, the Yankees would probably have had a much better chance of winning. Hughes was unable to get out of the 2nd inning, sending 13 batters to the plate while throwing 40 pitches and giving up 8 runs (including a home run to Aubrey Huff). The Yankees did hit 3 home runs (Damon, Teixeira, and Swisher), but they hardly mattered. It was just an ugly game.

I realize that Phil Hughes is only 22, so there’s certainly a good chance that he will improve and be a good pitcher some day. A young team building for the future, such as the Nationals for example, that has little/no hope of contending this season, would have the time and the patience to wait and see Hughes improve. The Yankees, however, don’t have that luxury. They have few alternatives right now.

Of course, the Yankees won today’s game, 5-3. Joba Chamberlain pitched 6 innings, giving up 3 runs on 9 hits, and did not allow a run after the 1st inning. Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, and Johnny Damon hit home runs, and Phil Coke and Mariano Rivera teamed up to keep the Orioles off the scoreboard after Chamberlain’s exit. It figures that the Yankees won on Friday and today but lost yesterday when I was there. *sigh*

Round One goes to Boston

It’s been so long since I last posted a blog entry that I nearly forgot my password! Work’s been kicking my butt…by the time I get home from work in the evening, I’m too tired to even turn my computer on, much less post anything here. 😦

Anyway…Round One of the 2009 Yankees vs. Red Sox battle went to the Red Sox, with a three game sweep over the weekend. Who’d have thought that Mariano Rivera would blow a save vs. his team’s biggest rival in their first meeting of the season, opening the door for a Yankees loss? (Kinda reminds me of the Nationals bullpen!) Was that loss so demoralizing for the Yankees that they were unable to recover and keep from being swept, or did they just flat out suck in Boston? If you chose the latter, you’re right!

The good news is that the Yankees ended a 4 game skid (including a loss to Detroit after the Boston series) by clobbering the Tigers last night, 11-0. This time it was the Yankees who were on the giving end of a double digit offensive explosion in one inning, scoring 10 runs in the 7th inning. And it was great to see Phil Hughes pitch so well. The Yankees desperately needed someone to stop the bleeding, and Hughes provided the bandage. Perhaps the Yankees should consider keeping him in the rotation a bit longer, while keeping Chien-Ming Wang on the DL for a while…hey, CMW’s weak hip may take a while to heal y’know!

Speaking of the DL, it’s a good thing that Alex Rodriguez’ recovery from hip surgery is going better than expected, since his replacement — Cody Ransom — is now on the 60-day DL. Not that Ransom’s performance will be missed…he isn’t even hitting his weight (and the dude doesn’t even weigh 200 pounds). I don’t particularly like Alex Rodriguez, but it will be good to see him back in the line-up.


The Yankees played split squad games today — the big boys beat the Astros, 3-1, while the kids beat the Pirates by a field goal…I mean 3 runs, 13-10.

Vs. the Astros: Starter A.J. Burnett is 2-0 this spring after pitching 4 scoreless innings with 3 strikeouts. Johnny Damon hit a home run and A-Rod’s replacement Cody Ransom was 2-3 and scored a run.

Vs. the Pirates: In 3 innings, starter Phil Hughes gave up 2 home runs and three walks, and stuck out 2. The offense scored a touchdown and two field goals. OK, not really, but the Yankees scored 7 runs in the 7th inning to break a 3-3 tie and then added 3 insurance runs in the 9th.

As for the Nationals, they were being shut out by the Mets until the 9th inning, when they scored 6 unanswered runs to win the game, 6-2. Starter Shairon Martis gave up just 1 run, along with 4 hits and 2 walks, but no other runs in 4 innings.

My teams won their three games today by a combined score of 22-13! LOL