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Yankees vs. Nationals — the rubber match

Some ramblings while I’m watching the game…

A couple of weeks ago, I looked into getting a ticket for this game. Since it was scheduled to be a day game, I thought it would be cool to get a ticket, take an early train up to NY from DC, go to the game, and take the train back home at about 6:30-7:00. That would have gotten me back home sometime between midnight and 1 a.m. But I wasn’t able to find an affordable ticket on the Yankees web site, so I gave up on that idea. Fortunately for me, I didn’t think to check StubHub at that time, where I probably would have been able to find something affordable. Why is that fortunate? Because of the 5-hour 26-minute rain delay! By the time this game got underway at about 6:30, I would have been back at Penn Station, either boarding a train or getting ready to board one soon.

Right now, it’s the bottom of the 7th, and the Nationals are leading 3-0. The Yankees have 2 on with 1 out, and Hideki Matsui is at bat. This will be where the Yankees rally and take the lead…not necessarily this inning, but it’ll happen. This is, after all, the Nationals bullpen we’re talking about.

More later…..

Update: Tavarez coming into the game? Get ready, Yankees fans…here comes the rally……

Update: OMG…I hope Brett Gardner will be OK. The MASN commentators are talking about his lower back, but it looked to me like hit his head. Ouch!! Hell of a catch too….

Update: I probably shouldn’t be so negative where the Nationals are concerned, but I’m a realist. I know how bad this team — specifically the bullpen — is. It’s the bottom of the 9th, and they only need 3 outs for a win, but they will find a way to blow it…or the defense will blow it. Not that this would be a bad thing, because the Yankees need to win tonight…..

Update: Umm…WHAT?!?! The Nationals won, 3-0? The Nationals WON??

OMG_shocked.jpgAre you kidding me?!?!?

Once again, the Yankees made a young, unknown pitcher look like Cy Young. Rookie Craig Stammen got his first major league win, pitching a solid 6 and 1/3 innings of shutout baseball, giving up 6 hits with 2 strikeouts. The usually horrendous Nationals bullpen not only protected the lead by not giving up any runs, but Ron Villone, Julian Tavarez, and Joe Biemel didn’t even give up a hit. Mike MacDougal allowed 1 hit. Ryan Zimmerman and Cristian Guzman were 3-5 with 2 and 1 RBI, respectively. Adam Dunn, DH’ing again tonight, was 2-2 with 2 walks. Even the Nationals usually weak defense played well, with a diving catch by Willie Harris that robbed Alex Rodriguez of a hit, and a perfect throw by Austin Kearns from right field to second to get Nick Swisher out.

For the Yankees, Joba Chamberlain surrendered 3 runs in 6 innings, with 6 strikeouts and 3 walks. Alfredo Aceves, Phil Coke, and David Robertson combined to give up just 1 hit and no runs, but the damage was already done. Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher were 2-4; Swisher also grounded into a double play in the 9th inning. Derek Jeter pinch hit for Ramiro Pena with the bases loaded, but the Yankees best threat of the game ended when he grounded into a fielder’s choice. Brett Garner made an excellent catch at the wall to rob Austin Kearns of a hit, crashing into the wall and crumbling to the ground in the process. Considering how his head snapped back and hit the plexiglas wall, he was lucky that he didn’t lose consciousness. I hope he will be OK.

Tonight’s game was the first at Yankee Stadium this season in which no home runs were hit. I guess the baseballs were too wet to leave the park!

I officially suck at making predictions. As I mentioned earlier, I know I shouldn’t be so negative where the Nats are concerned, but I honestly believed that they would not win any of these games. Prior to the series, I thought they might have a slim chance to beat Chien-Ming Wang, but I didn’t expect even two wins, much less a sweep.

(Here goes my split personality again…..)

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I’m freaking out here…I can’t believe the Nationals — the “lowly Nationals” — beat the Yankees TWICE. Going back to the 2006 Yankees/Nationals interleague series, the Nats are 4-2 vs. the Yankees! Chien-Ming Wang is 0-2 vs. the Nationals. WOW!! Unfreakingbelieveable! Maybe this will be a turning point for the team, and they will play more respectably for the rest of the season. If nothing else, it’s got to be a confidence builder!

WTF is wrong with the Yankees?! How is it possible that they lost this series to the worst team in baseball…one of the worst teams EVER?! It’s pathetic. A-Rod was 0-the series. The entire team is in a slump — great timing, to be slumping against a team that hasn’t even won 20 games by mid-June. If the Red Sox win again tonight, the Yankees will fall 4 games back in the division. Hell, the Blue Jays have swept the Phillies, so they’re breathing down our necks. This sucks!!! SNAP OUT OF IT, YANKEES!!

Jeez…what a series.yanksnatsbigapple.gif

OK, seriously…whose bright idea was this?!

A 12:35 game on a Tuesday afternoon vs. the Astros in May? An afternoon game before school is out? What are the odds that a large number of people are going to be willing to take a day off work, or keep their kids out of school, to see this game? If there are 10,000 people at today’s game, I’d be surprised. This two-game series vs. Houston is the only time this season that the Astros will play in DC, which is all the more reason why this early start time was stupid.

Last time I checked the score, it was 10-10 at the bottom of the 9th inning. sarcsign.gif In other words, a pitchers’ duel!

UPDATE: still 10-10, bottom of the 11th, Elijah Dukes on 1st, no outs, Josh Willingham on deck…AND THERE’S A RAIN DELAY!!!


FINAL UPDATE: the game was suspended. It will resume in Houston on July 9th, with one out in the bottom of the 11th inning and the score tied, 10-10, but the Nationals will be the “home” team.

I’m confused about something. Initial reports were that the stats from this game would not be official until the game is completed. And that makes sense to me…the game isn’t finished. But, per the Nationals Journal:

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, all statistics compiled during today’s game — which was suspended due to rain in the bottom of the 11th with the score tied 10-10 — are official….The official scorer inside the press box at Nationals Park initially had announced that today’s statistics would not be made official until the game was completed.

I’m glad the statistics from this game are official. I’m just not sure why. Is it because 9 innings were played?

At least the Nationals didn’t lose today. Actually, since the Nats won yesterday, and this was just a two-game series, does that mean that the Nationals can claim that they finally won their first series of the season? 😉


Rain, rain, go away!

rain.gifThe Nationals/Cardinals game at Nationals Park was rained out today. I had tickets for that game, and, despite the fact that the rain started falling steadily around mid-morning, I headed out to Nationals Park anyway, hoping that the game could be played anyway. Nope…the rain let up to a drizzle a few times but never really stopped. As the rain delay was approaching two hours and the rain began to fall harder, my friends and I gave up and left. Not pleased about what I assumed would surely be a rainout, I stopped off at the mall in Union Station on the way home and bought some new shoes. (IMO, shoe shopping is a wonderful way to soothe the soul!) Not only did I get my shoes on sale, but because the cash register malfunctioned and I had to wait while it was fixed, I got an additional 15% off for my patience. So the day wasn’t a total waste!

The Yankees/Angels game at Yankee Stadium was also rained out. (Ditto for the Mets/Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park.) New York, Philly, DC…it was just a wet, messy, nasty day on the East Coast today.