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Update to steroids story involving the Nationals and Capitals

Per ESPN.com:

However, two sources indicated that the steroids seized at the Thomas house aren’t the variety typically used by athletes who are subject to regular drug testing. The steroids itemized in the arrest affidavits generally stay in the system for a relatively long period of time.

“It is more the veterninary type steroids and not the nice commercially compounded stuff,” one of the sources said.

This makes me even more suspicious of these so-called dealers than I already was. Mind you, I am not naive enough to believe that every player in the Washington Nationals (or Caps too, for that matter) organization is completely clean. As I mentioned before, I wouldn’t be surprised if several players were using some sort of PED…from star players to the marginal players. But I have my doubts about Thomas’ claims. Is he looking for his 15 minutes of fame? Is he withholding the names of his alledged customers so he can make a deal with prosecutors? (“Give me a shorter sentence, and I’ll name names….”) And why the Nationals and the Capitals? Is he a Mets and Penguins fan with an agenda? Who knows?


Busted steroids dealer claims to have sold his product to the Nats and Caps


Busted Steroids Dealer Says He Sold to Caps, Nats
Washington Post, 5/27/2009

A man arrested in Florida yesterday for possession of anabolic steroids bragged to law enforcement officials that he has sold the performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes, including those on the Washington Capitals and Washington Nationals, according to a report from Tampa Bay Online.

The report said investigators aren’t sure if Richard Thomas of Lakeland, Fla., is telling the truth when he claimed he’s central Florida’s biggest steroid provider and sold to Capitals and Nationals players. Thomas did not name specific athletes, the report said.

The arrest of Thomas and his wife, Sandra, was announced last night by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd at a 10 p.m. news conference. Judd said $200,000 in illegal steroids were seized by detectives.

“The only thing he said specifically was he sold to the Washington Capitals and the Washington Nationals,” Judd said. “We asked him because we knew that would create a firestorm on two more occasions because we don’t want to be quoted as saying that. Richard Thomas told us that he sold steroids to ballplayers on those teams. Now, is that one ballplayer? Or is it two ballplayers? We don’t know.”…

I don’t mean to make light of this situation, because, if Thomas’ claims are true, this will be some serious sh*t. But really…if the 13-33 Nats are juicing, then they really should get their money back, because THE ‘ROIDS AREN’T HELPING.

On a more serious note, I would not be surprised if Adam Dunn and/or Elijah Dukes are found to be using steroids. Disappointed yes, surprised no. I would, however, be extremely shocked and disappointed to hear that Ryan Zimmerman was juicing.

One important point to keep in mind is that this drug dealer didn’t happen to mention when he supposedly sold steroids to players for the Nats and Caps. Assuming his claims are true, he could have sold them to players who are no longer with the teams.

Nats’ reactions to this story:

Nats React To Steroid Claims
Washington Post, 5/27/2009

By the time the Nats reported to Citi Field this afternoon, most had read or heard about the Lakeland, Fla., man who claims he sold performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes, including players on the Nationals and Capitals. But even the players who had an interest in the story still didn’t know the specifics.

“It’s just, what else can happen to us?” Adam Dunn said. “It’s just kind of piling on. Again, to me that is the last thing I’m worried about, some guy saying whatever he said about us.”

Mostly, players met the news with a mix of puzzlement and amusement. One quipped that all 25 players recently had dinner at Thomas’s Lakeland home.

“Look at that guy’s arms,” joked Austin Kearns said, motioning to teammate Josh Willingham. “Ask him about the steroids.”

Kearns, turning serious, then said, “I don’t really have a reaction. I don’t know who it is, I don’t know what he’s talking about or who he’s talking about. I just heard about it five minutes ago. I can’t even remember the guy’s name.”

At least a half-dozen former Washington players have been formally connected to performance-enhancing drugs, and current relief pitcher Ron Villone was named in the Mitchell Report. The Nationals are holding off on concern about Thomas’s claims, though, until Major League Baseball’s investigative unit gives them a reason to have any. The team does not plan to conduct an internal investigation, instead yielding to the league itself.

“All we’re going to say is that our own investigators will be looking into it,” MLB spokesman Rich Levin said. Asked if Major League Baseball’s investigators knew of Thomas before his arrest, Levin said, “Not that I’m aware of, no.”

Said Manager Manny Acta: “I know less than you guys know about this. I’m the wrong guy to talk about all this. All I know is what has been said in the paper, and we support Major League Baseball’s testing program. I think it’s good. It’s working. And if there is any truth to it, then it will come out.”

As if this season hasn’t already been crappy enough…now we have to deal with THIS crap.

More A-Rod drama, continued….

In an article on the Yankees mlb.com site, Bryan Hoch wrote an article about the report in today’s New York Times about Major League Baseball investigating Alex Rodriguez with regard to his steroids use. The Times story claims that MLB investigators are “checking into the
accuracy of Alex Rodriguez’s statements about when he used
performance-enhancing drugs.” These investigators have contacted A-Rod’s “associates” to find out whether or not he used banned substances before or after the 2001-03 time period he admitted to in February. According to Hoch, Joe Girardi, Brian Cashman, and Derek Jeter are unaware of any investigation and have not been contacted by any investigators regarding steroids use by Rodriguez.

Also per Hoch’s article, Joe Girardi is quite upset about the soon-to-be released book about A-Rod by Selena Roberts. He says he doesn’t understand why anyone would write a book like that. C’mon, Joe, you can’t be that na├»ve. You know it’s all about the money…books like this sell like crazy, which will make lots of money for Ms. Roberts and will make her a pseudo-celebrity. That doesn’t make it right, of course…but that’s just the way it is.

I find this whole situation utterly ridiculous. While I personally was disappointed and disgusted to find out in February that A-Rod had, in fact, used steroids, I find it equally disgusting that the only name leaked from that list of 103 players was Alex Rodriguez. If MLB is, in fact, investigating A-Rod about his steroids use, then those investigators should also investigate each of the other 102 players on that so-called “anonymous” list of players who failed drug tests. It’s time to stop persecuting ONLY Alex Rodriguez, simply because he’s Alex Rodriguez.

I wonder…would there be all of this hype and publicity — in fact, would Roberts have even written this book — if A-Rod was still playing in Texas, or if he had ended up with the Red Sox rather than the Yankees? Did all of this mess happen just because he is a Yankee?